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Astrobright computer paper


I received this free to try from Shop let, As,a person who does a lot of printing regarding medical records, flyers for Yard Sales and ect. When I saw the pictures before receiving these I didn’t think the paper was going to be vibrant colors. Their were the dark colors and then we had the neon colored paper. We were truly pleased. I love one thing the most , compared to regular paper , the ink can smear and cause the images or wording to make a mess. This paper was completely mess free when printing. The durability was amazing, it wasn’t flimsy like most paper it had weight to it which is what I look for in paper. I use white paper for important documentations, but I use color for projects, and for my family’s medical files, each one has their own color code so I know which folder it will go in, I was once against very pleased with this paper and it is actually inexpensive.

Thank you Shoplet for another great review opp0rtunity.


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