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As, a member of Shoplet they sent me more products to try out. The 3 products I am going to talk about are the GeckoTech reusable hook 3lb and 5lbs, and Duck HP260 packing tape.

The first product I am going to discuss is the GeckoTech Reusable hook 3lbs.

The 3lb hook holds up to that much weight, for instance a dog leash, flashlights on strings, anything that could weigh up to 3lbs. It can be used for a childs room to hang stuffed animals or their clothes on a hanger for the next day. I use mine to hang up my calender that has a hole to hang it up.

So, your probably wondering how this works and can be reusable , well it has amazing technology.
1st you have to clean the surface really well with rubbing alcohol and let it air dry on its own.

The second part is you then stick the hook to the surface and press hard to get the air bubbles out.

The last part is you hang , but must stay within the weight limit on the package.

Now your wondering how to get it off an to be able to reuse them, well its pretty simple. It states on the package , I still have mine up but after 30 days take a hair dryer, and warm the hook up, dont cook it , just use warm cool setting. I don’t know what would happen if you ge it really hot with the dryer.

The 5lb hook is the same thing as the 3lb one but just can hold a little stronger like a 5lb book bag.

There are restrictions to the surfaces these can go one, You can use them on painted surfaces, but not recommended for textured or matte surfaces. But pretty much anything you can think of, but there are a few surfaces that these can not use them on;

*Wallpaper, flat,matte or textured painted surfaces
*Dirty, peeling, uneven, coarse or fragile surfaces.

There are cautions with this product:

*Do not use with objects above the weight limit.
*Do not hang items over beds.
*Do not hang items that are valuable or you cannot replace.
*Do not use in direct sunlight!!

This is a product I would recommend to anyone.

Now on to the next product.

That is the HP260 Duck packing tape. I like this tape in so many ways, Its heavy duty were if you don’t want to double layer the tape to tape the box or whatever you need the tape for you don’t have to, also what is really neat about it unlike some tapes, its hard to pick the tape when it falls on the roll, this tape has the tape catcher but it can also make its way out of the catcher, but it is so simple and easy to pick the tape that stuck to the roll it is so easy to be able to pick it off. I love having heavy duty sturdy tape to pack up boxes and send them off. Knowing that the tape keeps the box together gives me relief.

Thank you shoplet for these once again amazing products.


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