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As, a mom working at home I have to keep my office locked at all times, due to the above picture. I have to lock up all markers, pens and marker chalk. I have a 8 year old who is a OMG mischief kid. She takes anything she can get her hands and draw on everything. So I like to keep stock up on pens for business. So when I got these set of Pentel pens and a pencil I was happy. So where am I going to start well here we begin!!

1. The pentel mechanical pencil – I love this pencil, its light weight and the pencil lead dont break easy its very durable, It also comes with a long eraser . When erasing it doesn’t leave smudge marks.

2.  The Pentel Pen- this is a durable non smudge pen. The ink glides clearly and legible. I love this pen, its one pen that I carry with me at all times. I wont even let my husband use it. This pen leads all expectations I didn’t expect.

3. Last but not least is my favorite set. I love color, The fact it has all the color I need, when I write in my agenda book, for each member of the family there is a specific color so I dont get their appointments mixed up. Also when I do invoices for then men I have to have certain colors. Court paper are the same way. These colored pens glide nicely , their isnt and smudging or smearing. I have very happy with these pens. Typical pens let you down when placing them on top of other papers and leaking through,

I want to say thank you to shop let for letting me review some amazing products


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