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As, a stay at home mom, who has her own office, I constantly need office supplies , but I come to a problem, What’s

that you ask? There are so many products out there that, spend so much money looking for the right products, well I had the opportunity from Shoplet to review office supplies. The set they sent me was pens. Let me tell you right now they are a must have in my house, as a mom of 3 my 2 older daughter always get their hands on my pens and I could never find them , so this was a pure blessing. The first set I am going to talk about is-

B2P(Bottle 2 Pen)- These pens are made out of recyclable plastic bottles, which I love being eco friendly. I recycle everything that is recyclable. I was skeptical at first, but when using these pens they had all my favorite colors, I like being color coordinated , but I was shocked to see how vivid the color was on paper, typically the pens I used the color they say they were , were kinda dull. I hate pens that when you right they like drag the paper , there so stiff. These pens had a nice glide to them which I would and Will recommend to my friends and family.

The 2nd item I will be talking about is the Frixion clicker(the blue one next to the yellow highlighter), I was really impressed with this type of pen , it glides easy , has a nice grip to stay fit in your hand, it can be used by all size of hands which is always a plus. The bonus part of this pen is , it is erasable. I have used many pens and went through a lot of white out. Now they have made pens that erase, so say goodbye to white out and wasting paper when you write , and if your working or filling out applications it looks pretty bad in a way, if you make a mistake and ask for another application. All you have to do is buy a pen that erases which I recommend the Pilot Frixion.

The next pen I will be telling you about is the Pilot Acroball, this one kinda of weird I loved the shape , the color of the ink, but I wasn’t to crazy about how it wrote, it dragged acrossed the paper, it didn’t have a nice glide to and that was one major con I did not like but some people like that, I prefer ink that glides, it makes my hand writing more elegant with vivid color, this pen did in fact lack the vividness, but like they say not every pen will reach your standards. Just because I did not like or feel it would work for me does not mean it wont for someone else.

The final ink I am going to say about is the frixion highlighter. Have you ever had to highlight something or did wordsearches and you circled a extra letter or the wrong information or scripture (out of the bible) that people so guess what Pilot made? They made a highlighter that can erase those small to big oops, lol!!

What I do like about the erasable pen and highlighter that I reviewed is that when you did erase something it didn’t leave marks behind. It actually erased and left it nice and clean.


I received these free for exchanged for this review from Shoplet. I really like these products and will be referring them to family and friends, I like using different colors for different projects. I love having my own personal office, not only do I review on blogs but I manage my and my families health care. I have 3 children 2 go to school and one is 3 months, so working at home is a great investment to me, I work my own hours and get to be with my family. My husband is disables and I take care of him so taking notes at Dr’s when I don’t have my tablet or laptop I always carrying a notebook with his name and take pens with me, but if you have children you know they think whatever is yours is theirs, Thats why I have a office which is locked up and they cant get into my work.


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