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Platinum Soft Core Colored Pencils with Tin Case, Pack of 72 Offered

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I am in love with these color pencils, not only are they soft compared to other color pencils. I am a huge adult coloring book person. I love how the pencils are nice and smooth and when you color , they have a nice smooth texture. There are 72 pencils in a nice tin case and no color is the same. But the smoothness caught my eye when it came to coloring. I have had many color pencils but none have been so smooth and elegant stick out coloring for my adult coloring books, in fact I am stingy with them , I wont let me kids nor husband use them they have to use the other pencils I have, When I have to sharpen them unlike other pencils where you have to sharpen and they tend to break , you don’t have to worry with this set as, they meet my expectations in fact my mother in law and husband want to get a set since I wont let him use them and my mother in law loves how vibrant the color stands out and that out of 72 pencils there is not one the same,

Disclaimer: I received these at a major discount in exchange for a review.


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