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Reaeon Gel Pens with Case for Adult Coloring Books and Writing, Set of 36 Gel Ink Fine Point Pen Including Pastel, Neon, Glitter (Diamond Shaped)

gel pens

These are a nice set of pens, there is a variety of colors which for one I really like due to there are really no color the same. You get 12 glitter, 12 neon and 12 Pastel(which is water chalk based that you can write on Black paper. They come in a nice little case that secures the pens in place. They are great for the adult coloring books. Unlike, other gel pens when you color them you see lines that you can tell they are not ment for coloring, but these pens you can see a real big difference. I like that they don’t seep through the paper like some pens, you can color on the other side and you don’t have to worry about ruining the other side of the pages. They are great for just abut any art project. My kids love using them for there art projects, One thing I really love about them is that they are making gel pens better then ever, I remember when I was younger I am 31 now but you used to have to shake the gel pens to get the ink down or to move down. These pens you don’t have to worry about them. I really like these pens and recommend them to family and friends.

Disclaimer: I received these at a discount price in exchange for a review,


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