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Schnider Slider memo XB


I review for shoplet, and boy do I love working with them , I have my own office that I do work, organizing , and keeping track of all my families documents. With having 3 kids and the 2 older ones always steal and take my pens or people ask to borrow my pens and I never get them back. But, that is not the point of this review. lol!!

The first pen I am going to talk about is the :

1. Schneider Slider Memo XB pens- I love the vibrant colors and how smoothly the color and it glided on the paper. My favorite was the purple color. lol, Its unusual to find pens that glide and have nice pens. This packet had Green,orange, purple and pinkish red .

2. The next pen is Schneider Xpress Porous-Point Pens, Needle Point, 0.8 Mm, Black/Green Barrels, Black Ink.What I like about this pen is the needle point pen tip. This is perfect when you have to write in tiny spaces, this pen is a fine tip, I do have to say when you write becareful cause as you write it does tend to smear and get on you but other then that its like a fine tip marker type ink.

3. Slider Edge 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen , this pen is amazing. There is so much I like about this pen, It writes so smooth, it writes so much better then a gel pen. This pen is not your typical round barrel pen. This has a a 3 edge barrel instead which means the barrel is more of a triangle shape. So your hands wont get tired or uncomfortable while writing, The Black ink is very vibrant , dries fast and also its wide spread or when you need to highlight while using this pen, plus a major plus is that it is waterproof.

4. The Slider XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen What I have noticed about the Schneider pens are that Viscoglide ink technology that is smoother than gel ink, it dries quickly so it doesn’t smear. The  Rubberized grip offers a good grip and promotes a natural writing movement without hand fatigue.That is what I love about these pens. Plus it has a metal clip to you can put it in you shirt pocket so you can always have a pen with you so you won’t lose it.

5.Slider Ballpoint Pen, this is a nice ballpoint pen, it is a retractable ballpoint pen that is smooth, Viscoglide ink that puts out exceptional writing comfort. It is Waterproof ink glides easily over paper and that provides a high-performance writing experience, which is terrific cause as I live in Florida and it always rains which I hate rain, but unlike regular pens that when a dab of water touches it or is starts to drizzle outside the writing that is on the paper starts to smear down the paper , which these pens do not do that.

6. Slider XB this pen is the same one  as the set of pens just in Red.

I received these free inexchanged for this review from shoplet.


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