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Once again, I have been chosen to review awesome products from shoplet, This time they sent folders ,let me tell you , you can never have enough folders as a mom having a file cabinet for bills, coupons , medical records , and folders to keep track of my thoughts to write blog, I brain storm before them. The sent me a stack of a few things tIh am going to be talking about.

1. They sent me a set of 9 file hanging folders, 3 red,3blue and 3 green. I absolutely love hanging folders it organizes my file cabinet so neatly , and I like having different color hanging folders, each color for a different family member as a family of 5 It is necessarily to have that. I like to have a different color for bills and other notes, then a special section for my work which that is locked up as to the degree I don’t like people getting into certain documents. I am both old school and new school. I like having it both on paper and computer and usb drives so that way it’s always backed up.

2. Next is a set of 6 durable heavy weight vertical folders. They fit in most file drawers and they are closed on 2 sides so you dont have to worry about loosing important information or documentation, it has dual tabs so it you have it as vertical or horizontal and not worrying about having to lose the documents which ever way you put them in.

3. Then there is the pack of 24 erasable label folders. They sent a double tip permanent marker, one end of the marker is fine tip and the other is the thicker end. They even included a eraser to see how well it would stand out, and to be surprised it actually erased nice and cleanyThis was completely worth it, as sometimes I would spell wrong or need a new folder for something and would have to put a sticker over it to reuse the folder. Now that I know they have reusable erasable folders this a persons dream come true.

4. The final product I received was my best experience yet. I do have many organizers that I carrying around, which I carry so many due the fact that they don’t hold many pages. This is called the Step Index Organizer. The color is silver, 12 pockets with a sheet inside that you can easily use it for the months of the year since its 12 pockets or us it for abc order, which is kinda like a phone book you carry around how the letters are. Also, here is the best part this organizer holds up to 600 pages, more pages then any other organizer I have experienced with and plus its waterproof so if your in the rain and have to bring it out and didn’t bring a umbrella not to worry it won’t ruin the documents.


Once again I would like to thank shoplet for sending me these products for free inexchange for a non biased review, as this is my personal opinion and may not work or others may not feel the same way. These are my personal words and feelings. Thank you.






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