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I absolutly, love these 3 items that I got sent from Shoplet. I am a blogger for them which they send me free stuff in return for a honest unbiased review. So what do I like about them , well lets start off with the

*Pink Super Tab folders- These are a pack of 6 folders, very strudy and durable. I like that they can fit any file drawer. I have a few filing cabinet in my home , some are small and some are bigger. Also the tab where you write what the contents of the folder is 90 percent larger, which is great! I have children and I have all sorts of file folders for them and other folders. Their names are long , plus different material that goes in them , the smaller tab folders are hard to write due to the fact you have to write small. But, with the Super Tab folders, I don’t have to write small. I also like that they support the fight against Breast Cancer.

The next one is:
* The 3 IN One Super Tab section folders these came in a set of 12. Let me tell you these ones are a life saver! They also have the large tabs for writing, but also when you open the folder their are 3 slots that can hold papers, so if you want lets say your childs work, one slot can be for awards, the other are the notices and the other can be a photo you taken of them with the award. Their is something always useful for these folders.

The last but not least
*The stadium file organizer, it holds file folders and up to 900 pages. right now I have the name on top of the sections for each person, and a section for coupons and bills. What I like about this is that it can hold up to 900 pages, and it easy to carry around. I got a navy one, I have had it for a few weeks and its very sturdy and durable.

I really enjoy reviewing shoplet. Their products are absolutly amazing. These I have kept one of each and the stadium folder I did keep for my family use. But the folders I gave to my husband as he helps his brother out with his job which recalls using file folders. I use the pink ones for my reviewing and coupons, as my husband wont use pink lol.

Thank you again for this amazing selections of folders and organizer.


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