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Got asked to review the following items

I am super excited, now I am back review full time again, got my survey money cashed out and some items are free

be on the look out for these items



Still going through email, and will post more as time goes through

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Another list of reviews


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More new Review List

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New reviews posted today


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More reviews

I added more reviews to the site. stay tune this week there will be more, here is the links to the new reviews

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Love america

#KeepAmericaBeautiful and @keepamericabeautiful

I love my country and want it to be safe for my children

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check this out

You can win stuff!!!

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Update on reviews

My kids start school on Wednesday,been a short summer here with everything going on with my husband and 3 kids so, its been lacking. I am doing a little at a time taking time to review thoroughly, and once school starts video reviews will be done after the written and pictures post. Hard to do with a 9 yr old ,10 yr old and 2 year , but the baby takes naps so it wont be a issue. there are about 10 or more reviews headed this way and much more,

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I am Back!!!

My family has hit a bump in the road with health and other problems. I been taking care of my family and been slacking , but you know family comes first. But, everything is good now and I am back. I have some new products hitting on the site in the next few days, A few has hit the site today, and I am working on some more this week. Also check out

This is my youtube site, and you can subscribe and check out the upcoming new beauty products, household products and much more.

Reviewer 2 the heart .com is back in session and cant wait to bring some new products up on this site that are not available to the public yet.


So check bookmark and subscribe for the latest and newest products!!



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Look forward to new reviews

I have been posting everything on Amazon to help my rank to review products , Plus being a owner of

To get promotions for my group plus sellers have been emailing to review solo. Tomorrow and Friday I will catch up all the reviews I have done. So stay tune, I keep getting a lot of cool things, I am waiting on a projector,  and this MVPower® Smart TV Box MX3 MXIII Android 4.4 S812 Quad Core support Gigabit Ethernet Streaming Media Player FULLY-LOADED KODI 4K Netflix Youtube Skype so I am super excited, stay tune, I will be adding a new section tomorrow where it will have all the links to my youtube review videos to make it easy to subscribe right from the page. I am going to start keeping up with this website, families health hasn’t been to good so been taking time off to take care of them , so they are settled and I am ready to go all out and catch up.


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