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Pink/Silver Reversible Mermaid Sequin Pillow Case


I like the Mermaid pillow case, I was very shocked when I got this, I was thinking it was like my Blue / green mermaid pillow that I got at Walmart, but when I opened the box I saw it neatly folded in a safe waterproof plastic bag, and that is when I noticed it was not a actual pillow, that in fact it was a pillow case. I own a few square throw pillows that go on my couch. These pillow cases come in a variety of colors, and I am big on Pink .so I chose the pink and silver pillow case. I love how it don’t just protect my pillows , but it kept me from being bored sometimes. I have to say it once I started to play with the pillow I couldn’t stop playing with it, LOL!. The sequins are very soft , and was easy to push back and forth to show the silver. I noticed when I was playing with the pillow, If I tilted it a certain way it looked, Pink and black. I enclosed a picture at the bottom of this review of a comparison to the pillow I purchased at Walmart and the Pillow case I purchased here on Amazon. If you noticed you can ‘t really tell the difference between the one that is the pillow case and the blue/green one I purchased from Walmart. I am very Please with this pillow case, also this is not machine washable I would suggest Spot Cleaning it to clean the pillow.

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