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I had the opportunity to try this, I have endometriosis, which is a severe condition which my periods are heavy and painful and on top of that I have pcos, cysts on my ovaries and sometimes when I go for my ultrasounds they cant find my ovary. I have had many miscarriages, I have 2 living children, I would have a third child but she passed 30 weeks in the womb. after loosing her they told me having anymore would be less likely. So, they told me a hysterectomy would be the best option. I was all scheduled for the surgery just had to have another ultrasound. Well my 7 year old was admitted into the hospital for a infection and needed to have testing, they told me they need me to have a pregnancy test done, I told them I am not pregnant , but they needed proof, I was like fine I just had one 3 days ago I am about to have surgery. Well come to find out I was 3 months along. But when my sisters friend is having a hard time to conceive I had her try it and I bought her a 2 month supply at the store. She waited a cycle and started using it last month and surprise she is pregnant with her first child. I recommend this to anyone who will be interested in trying it out, if you been trying to conceive for awhile. I have a few friends who experience this painful diagnoses every month. I am giving away this product sponsored by BSM media, All you have to do is comment , I will randomly select a winner for a box to try out.



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One response to “premama fertility

  1. Amy Crump says:

    I would love to win this i have had 5 miscarriages and we have tried so many things and nothing has given us our rainbow baby.


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