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Came across these through a private community, I cant guarantee they will come, but better to check the out to see if they will. will be updated, daily if I have time, but mostly once a week. Once I receive them, will post picture on main page.

* ( I am not sure what is in the kit, but looks like sample of wet wipes and toilet paper.


To participate in the offer:
1. Go to Reeses Facebook Page, to access the “Pick Your Starting Lineup” program.
2. Select your five (5) favorite REESE’S candy products as your “Starting Lineup”.
3. Click on the “Get your free product” button and provide the required information to receive one (1) coupon good for one (1) free REESE’S Candy item (up to 2.5 oz., max value of $2.00), while supplies last.
4. Upon completion of the registration page, a coupon will be mailed to the address provided within 4-6 weeks.

* If you know anyone with Parkinson diease they are offering a free package check it out –


* Arm and Hammer toothpaste sample –

* Simple facial sample –

* tena samples many to choose from –



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